Career Transition & Outplacement Services

Talent Solutions partner with an organisation who design tailored solutions to reflect a range of needs across career transition assistance, job search centres, active retirement programs, workshops and one-on-one programs.

The 46 trained career transition counsellors around Australia have decades of experience building effective programs delivered not only to employers, but the individuals who benefit significantly from the process.

Talent Mapping

This service allows us to identify potential candidates and their contact details for present and future job openings.

This service could also be utilised if you are thinking of opening an office in a new location but are unsure as to where this location should be based on talent available in that area. We map out how many people are in those roles in specific locations.

It will also prove invaluable if you are thinking of increasing the workforce as we get through this difficult time and you want to be ready to hit the ground running.